was briefly listed for sale by GoDaddy by Error


While the registrar has removed the listing, it is unclear why it provided the domain in the first place.

GoDaddy, a web domain registrar, briefly classified as “available” for $100 million on Monday.

The domain is owned by the Bitcoin Cash chief.

The current address of, a website run by Bitcoin Cash leader Roger Ver, is

In response to Lopp’s Twitter message, Ver wrote on Reddit, “Seems odd that Jameson Lopp and other BTC maximalists start spreading fake news that is for sale on the day that Bitcoin Cash is pumping a ton.” If this is so, BCH will be severely harmed. Maybe this is yet another one of the BTC maximalists’ dirty tricks.

In response to Lopp’s Twitter message, Ver wrote on Reddit that it’s odd that on the day that Bitcoin Cash is pumping hard, Jameson Lopp and other BTC maximalists start spreading fake news that is for sale. If this is so, BCH will be severely harmed. If this is yet another ruse by the BTC maximalists.

Other interpretations, on the other hand, seem to be more plausible. Namecheap owns, according to other commenters. GoDaddy is the owner of the domain. As a result, those who buy the domain will not be able to completely manage it. That would seem to be a justification for GoDaddy to search out higher bidders.

GoDaddy has removed the web domain from its listings as of this writing, but has not commented or explained its mistake.

Branding Issues with Bitcoin Cash

The news is significant in light of other recent branding challenges that Bitcoin Cash has faced. About the year 2018, came under fire for endorsing Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin, allegedly misleading uninformed investors into purchasing a lower-ranking coin.

In recent years, the @Bitcoin Twitter account has also changed hands, causing further uncertainty in 2019 as the account’s new owner moved the account’s emphasis from Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin itself. Ver announced today on Reddit that the @Bitcoin Twitter account had been sold, but that he would not forfeit the domain.

Given that some members of the Bitcoin Cash group are attempting to characterize Bitcoin Cash as the true successor to Bitcoin, further branding disputes are likely to occur in the future.


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