In just one week, the number of FXT token holders has increased by 23,025 percent.

FXT Token

/PRNewswire/ — NOTTINGHAM, England, March 3, 2021 — FXT, the world’s largest trading technology platform, has seen a 23,025 percent rise in token holders and a 19,554 percent increase in token transactions in just one week since launching an ICO for its FXT tokens.

FXT Tokens are Ethereum-based tokens that can be used for a variety of payments and transactions. FXT Tokens, which are based on blockchain technology, have the ability to drive more open, stable, accelerated, and cost-effective transactions. They are also the only token for the Forex Trading industry, establishing themselves as a unique digital currency for a modern financial ecosystem.

The ICO sale is where FXT Tokens can be bought. During various processes, the company will mint a total of 1 billion FXT Tokens and distribute them to potential FXT holders. During the Private and Public ICO sales, 75% of the 1 billion FXT tokens will be distributed; 20% will be provided to participants as a reward for promoting FXT Tokens; and 5% will be set aside by the organization to finance marketing, maintenance, and other customer service activities.

FXT Tokens are currently priced at 1 USDT per token, but their value is expected to rise over time, the investors’ income.

Many crypto holders have sold their holdings due to the recent decline in the price of Bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies. Given their price and potential, FXT Tokens are seen as an ideal digital currency for HODLing. The fact that the number of FXT Token holders is steadily increasing is proof of this.

About the Company

FXT is a blockchain-based organization with a talented team of financial managers, investment planners, and technological experts. The business plans to use the FXT Token ICO to collect funds. These funds will be used to grow the business and build and launch blockchain-based services such as a spot exchange, a margin trading exchange, a crypto wallet, a swapping platform, and a peer-to-peer lending platform.


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