Turkish Soccer Club Joins NFT Platform Sorae – Galatasaray


With the addition of Istanbul’s Galatasaray, Sorare now has 126 partner clubs.

Galatasaray, a fan favorite from Istanbul, has been introduced to Sorare. There are currently 126 registered clubs on the site.

On Sorare, you can trade Galatasaray players.

Sorare announced that Galatasaray will be the next club to enter the platform after teasing a new addition to the fantasy football trading card game. The Turkish club is known for its fervent fans and is a perennial title contender in the country.

Galatasaray has also achieved success in European football. They beat Arsenal in the 1999-2000 UEFA Cup final, becoming the first Turkish team to win a European club football trophy.

Sorare is a fantasy football trading card game that has gained popularity among users as well as mainstream video game companies. Ubisoft recently teamed up with Sorare on a project involving the Belgian football league, marking a significant move forward for the platform. The gaming behemoth is rumored to be involved in forming a partnership with the startup, which recently raised $50 million in funding.

Sorare has a total amount of more than $35 million, according to nonfungible.com, and is attracting more users every day. The game is remarkably simple to learn and can pay off handsomely for savvy managers. As the market for rare cards has grown, a one-of-a-kind Cristiano Ronaldo card sold for $290,000.

Turkey has become a hotbed of cryptocurrency operation due to the rapid depreciation of its national currency. Google searches for Bitcoin soared over the weekend as the Lira’s value against the US dollar fell nearly 15%.

Bitcoin Searches in Turkey
Source: Google Trends


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