Ross Ulbricht proposes a decentralized media protocol


According to Ross Ulbricht, an American software engineer and alleged founder of Silk Road, a new decentralized media protocol is needed. Ulbricht is a well-known figure among early Bitcoin investors. Silk Lane, a darknet marketplace, is said to be the root of Ross Ulbricht’s current double life sentence.

Despite his absence from the internet, Ross is passionate about decentralized practices and concepts, which has led him to propose a new decentralized media protocol. His most recent creation was published on Medium today.

Mr. Ross emphasized the importance of using a decentralized media protocol. He mentioned that users need to be able to monitor their data when interacting with the platform. On the other side, for the sake of profit, tech behemoths have built platform-centric structures.

Users have become sources of the requisite clicks and content to accumulate advertisers’ money as a result of these systems.

By managing content servers and distributing content, platforms have solidified the mode of operation.

To take a closer look at this process, new generation social media systems must be given a user-centric status. New components, such as the interface provider, must be added to allow this, as well as payment by users to gain access and payment to users for clicks made by them.

Mr. Ross has some suggestions that, if applied, would make the platform’s services more efficient. The most popular model of content delivery, which happens to be user-centric, isn’t new decentralized media protocol services.

In reality, a visualization of Ross’s suggested decentralized media protocol

First and foremost, the site must endorse images, text messages, and videos equally. The access must then be encrypted, though asymmetric cipher security tends to be more secure.

Unlike other sites, Ross’ decentralized media protocol emphasizes message meaning.

He also suggested that user accounts be handled using keypairs in the same way that crypto wallets are. He came to the conclusion that digital currency could be used to pay for services on sites that employ the decentralized media protocol.


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