As part of the government’s “Denim Deal” initiative, a clean tech company in the Netherlands is using blockchain technology


The Dutch government has collaborated with the clean tech company The Movement as part of their “Denim Deal” project to achieve sustainability in the textiles industry through the recycling and tracing of recycled cotton. With 21 million pairs of jeans sold annually in the Netherlands, the Denim Deal project aims to conserve water that would otherwise be used to make new textiles and instead be used for drinking water or crop irrigation.

The Movement is a Dutch organization dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable textile solutions. The company was founded in response to the damaging effects of the textile industry on the environment, and its blockchain traceability solution Aware focuses on sustainable fiber and yarn solutions.

According to Denmark’s Green Deal circular, it takes 8,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans, and only 0.1 percent of discarded garments are used in high-quality applications. The government initiative defines circularity as a key element of sustainability in which parties in the supply chain, such as collectors and recyclers, brand owners, and public authorities, take big steps toward recycling denim goods through the ‘closing of loops.’

The Movement’s Aware approach is a four-step mechanism that is part of the Green Deal On Circular Denim. They start by injecting a tracer into recycled fabric and registering proof of certification on the blockchain using digital tokens. After that, the manufacturing process for the final textile product will begin. Following that, the tracer content is scanned as the final step in the manufacturing process, and at the end of the supply chain, the commodity can be scanned and matched to the data pertaining to the recycled materials, making it a permanent part of the Aware blockchain.

This example of a validation system could soon supplant existing QR codes, which rely on a database system rather than open source technology for verification.

Cotton farming is one industry where a rising market for ethically sourced and sustainable products has led to new ways of demonstrating sustainability. The Movement argues that the Dutch government’s use of blockchain technology in their green initiative is the first time the technology has been used to trace recycled cotton.


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