Providers of Bitcoin ETFs will now use Gemini’s new service


The New York-based firm has launched an all encompassing service for institutional investors.

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has launched Gemini Fund Solutions. The firm will offer custody, clearing, trade execution, and other services for fund managers, ETF providers, and other institutional investors.

Gemini’s One-Stop Solution

Gemini will support fund managers in every stage, from onboarding and implementation to providing technical support and operational expertise with this new solution.

Two Bitcoin ETfs created by Purpose Investments and Evolving Funds Group are maintained by the New York based company. The Toronto Stock Exchange trading ETFs (TSX) hold more than 500 million dollars of cryptocurrency together.

In addition, the company maintains several Bitcoin and Ether funds publicly and privately held. Those include 3iQ, Galaxy and Ninepoint Partners. Global Asset Management. The money on TSX is trading. They held more than 2 billion dollars in cryptocurrency combined at the time of the press.

Also a subservient to Canadian firm Arxnovum Investments Inc. is the Winklevii exchange.

In January, Gemini announced its new Bitcoin credit card that will enable users to get a cashback of up to 3%.

The company launched a new program called Gemini Earn in February.


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