Crypto startups to get $200M investment fund from

  • proposes to invest $200 million in the seed and Series A funding rounds of crypto startup companies.
  • The CEO revealed that the platform aims to build lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs in the crypto space. proposes to invest in crypto startups

A crypto retail platform,, recently announced that it would be investing $200M in emerging startups in the blockchain space. The platform revealed that the move is part of its plans to promote a smoother transition into the crypto world.

The company has purported to invest a sum between $100,000 and $3M in the seed rounds. it would also release a sum between $3 million and $10 million for Series A round. The firm made its stance clear that it is willing to build lasting relationships with entrepreneurs in the crypto space.

Since launched about 5 years ago, it has provided its users with several earning opportunities. The platform gives up to a 20% discount to users who makes purchases with the blockchain’s native coin. Stakers on the platform can earn up to 14% as returns. Also, has provided its users with a Visa card that supports both fiat and crypto.

Crypto startups to benefit from the platform

According to the CEO, Kris Marszalek, he said that building lasting partnerships is a top priority for the company. Therefore, the firm launched a cryptocurrency arm called capital this month.

The platform promised to support crypto startups with their influence as the lead investor. It also said it would give them the chance of a preferential launch on the platform.

This will give the startup firm access to the platform’s broad user base, said Bobby Bao, co-founder. A few days ago, the firm had invested in a particular Aston Martin Formula 1 team. Starting this season, the team’s cars would bear the platform’s logo.



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