BitPay integrated into Apple support

  • Apple integrates BitPay into its Apple Pay app.
  • This will allow users to make transactions on the app using cryptocurrency.
  • Similar payment apps like Google Pay may follow suit.

Apple adds BitPay to its support

In the recent bitcoin frenzy, more companies are beginning to realize the disruptive nature of cryptocurrency. Now that crypto is becoming mainstream, more traditional institutions are looking for ways to integrate the technology into their business. According to PhoneArena, Apple Pay app recently added BTC and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option for its users.

BitPay, a BTC payments platform, announced some days ago that users can add their BitPay Card to their Apple support app to make both in-store and online purchases using crypto. This means that users can now spend on the app using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

BitPay to feature on other payment apps

The crypto payment processing firm also supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ether and some other stablecoins. Apple Pay announced that users can apply for a virtual BitPay Card, which they can use to make payments and transact on the platform. It also plans to issue a physical card that will allow users in the United States to spend their crypto at any retail outlet.

With the recent surge BTC has experienced with its price edging towards the $50,000 mark, similar payment apps like Google Pay and Samsung Pay are also expected to add BitPay wallet to their apps in the near future.

Its integration on Apple support will ease transactions for Android users who have a part of their cash in cryptocurrency. Initiatives like this will further improve the credence of bitcoin as an alternative cash. Recently, many institutional investors are starting to embrace cryptocurrency as it gains more traction. This as well will boost the acceptance of crypto even further.



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