ACM token: Milan fans to set new team motto after token launch

  • Fans of the Italian giants have been asked to create a new motto in support of the ACM token. 
  • Owners of the new ACM token will have access to exclusive features.

Ac Milan, in association with Chiliz, has introduced its native ACM token for fans worldwide, and the team has asked fans to create a new motto. 

The marketing team has asked Milan’s fans to formulate a new motto following its token creation, which will replace the previous “team of devils” motto. As the new motto is devised, the token will be launched. Last year, the partnership with Chiliz was announced, but fans didn’t have access to purchase the token. However, the ACM token has now been made available on Socios, an app specially made for fans’ engagement. 

The motto is of great importance and would be used in the team’s home ground, SanSiro, and also feature in the team’s dressing room. Owners of the ACM token will have access to unique features, including recognition — taking part in team decisions. 

ACM token launch: AC Milan joins PSG and Juventus to collaborate with Chiliz

The Italian giant joins other clubs in owning a native fan token. Juventus and PSG created their own tokens in partnership with Chiliz last year, and now AC Milan has embraced the same initiative. The tokens of both teams mentioned above earned a listing on Binance, hitting 300 percent immediately after trading started. Similarly, fan tokens of both AS Roma and Atletico Madrid also earned a listing on Binance

Alongside the fan tokens’ listing on Binance, an eSports team was included. The electronic sports team called OG was launched in 2015, and since then, over $26.6 million worth of price winnings have been earned. 

ACM token to join the party

The addition of an eSports team is an excellent innovation to the cryptosphere. This shows that a lot of non-finance corporations are showing interest in cryptocurrency. With Chiliz’s involvement, fans’ participation in eSports will be encouraged, and with AC Milan launching its native fan token, it is excellent news for more fan participation. 

Bitcoin was created to solve problems related to finance. Therefore, the creation of fan tokens like ACM token is an excellent initiative. This initiative would solve issues not necessarily related to finance but in other areas, as we usher in a world where digital currency is the global economy’s future. 



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