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The rebranding of MATIC Network as Polygon

MATIC Network, an Ethereum layer-two solution creation project, recently announced that it is rebranding as Polygon. A main transition to being a layer-two aggregator is suggested by this shift from the network.

The platform shared the news of its rebranding with U.Today, which announced that its evolution as Polygon will continue from now on. In its technological and marketing strategies, this rebranding will aid the start-up.

Now that the network is being rebranded as Polygon, the team will gradually concentrate its efforts on providing multi-chain interoperability. The aim of the new ecosystem is to support other scalability solutions for Ethereum, such as ZKRollups, Optimistic Rollups and Validium.

This will make it easier to manage vast volumes of ETH blockchain transactions, thus addressing the question of scalability and high network fees. The aim is to give developers more choices without being pressured to choose one when selecting the scaling solution. On the latest Polygon SDK, this technique will be implemented.

MATIC Network promises to stay involved in its previous solutions 

The project based in India aims to help Ethereum get ahead of Polkadot, its competition. Some weeks ago, XRP was replaced as the fourth-placed crypto by market capitalization by the DOT (Polkadot’s native token).

Polygon has brought onboard prominent personalities to achieve its goal, including top Ethereum developers, researchers and consultants, Ryan Sean Adams, founder of Mythos Capital; EthHub’s Anthony Sassano; Hudson Jameson and John Liliac.

Although the project is ongoing, Polygon has agreed that all products produced under MATIC will continue to work, including its key MPoS Chain and Matic Plasma Chains implementations.

They are considered a key component of the environment of the Polygon and the team would therefore not stop working with them.


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