Institutions are gradually growing their Bitcoin investment


The year 2021 has not yet started and there are already a range of signals indicating a deep institutional interest in Bitcoins.

These days, Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy, which has already invested over $1B in Bitcoin, came out with a series of video interviews called “Bitcoin for Corporations.”

Michael has had interviews with a number of important people already, but the biggest surprise was the interview with NYDIG founder and CEO Ross Stevens.

Since NYDIG is a leading Bitcoin technology and financial services company that offers institutions easier access to cryptocurrencies, R. Stevens has an accurate view of what it feels like at present.

Business man handshake

In an interview, R. Stevens revealed that there are already 280 of the 25 institutional customers they had last year, adding “all kinds of institutions are adopting bitcoin: public companies, private companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, credit funds.”

He also noticed that life insurance firms have also invested in Bitcoin through NYDIG, investing more than $ 500 million in Bitcoin, according to R. Stevens, this is just the beginning.

R. Stevens told everyone that it wasn’t just any assumptions, since he had already obtained an order book for 2021, confirming that NYDIG could welcome customers with Bitcoin deposits of $25 billion by the end of the year.


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