Gemini Survey: 13% of the UK has invested in Crypto


Recently, Gemini, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, conducted a survey in which they found that over 13.5% of the UK (population 68 million) is either a current or ex-crypto investor.

They also found some findings along with this, which questioned some long-standing beliefs.

Investor Number Dramatically Up

As per the study, compared to the studies they did in the past, the numbers are up over 152 percent. In 2019, they did a comparable study and found that only 6% of the population had invested in cryptography. The finding also showed that the average investor was married, middle-aged, likely to have kids, and among them there was no dominant gender type. This questioned the long-held assumption that the average investor in cryptography was young, single, male, and childless.

Other findings from the survey

  • In the UK, more women are spending their funds in cryptography than ever before. Women now account for >41.6% of UK crypto investors.
  • A household income of <100,000 pounds was more than 91.8 percent of current and previous crypto investors. This illustrates that crypto, as far as the UK is concerned, is not the playground of the super-rich.
  • Youngsters and young adults lead the charts when it comes to age. Of the buyers, over 60.6 percent are under the age of 34. This makes sense because, relative to the older generations, this population has more disposable revenue and risk appetite.
  • Before that, the average investor had dabbled in other new technologies. According to the report, more than half of all investors were interested in emerging technologies such as mobile apps, advanced home monitoring systems, and other smart home technologies.
  • 47.8 percent of crypto investors are also more likely than one-third of total respondents to raise their holdings over the next year.

The Survey Reactions

Blair Halliday, the head of the United Kingdom of Gemini, claims that this positive response and crypto acceptance was made possible by the emergence of safer, regulated and more stable trading and investment platforms.

“Crypto has never been more accessible. We expect the reach of crypto to widen further, particularly the 9.0% [of respondents] who are interested in crypto to enter the market.”

Despite these results, however, Halliday claims that there is still room for growth in the industry, with most individuals still too scared to invest in the volatile crypto market.


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