UK’s National Health Service to Monitor COVID-19 Vaccines with Hedera DLT


Tracking provider Everyware will employ the DLT network Hedera Hashgraph to provide NHF facilities with data on the storage of the COVID-19 vaccines.

UK’s National Health Service is planning the implementation of an Internet of Things project to build and manage COVID-19 vaccine provisions. The solution will use a pubic distributed ledger network – Hedera Hashgraph.

Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccines Supplies Using DLT

According to an official announcement, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) will aim to digitally monitor its supplies of COVID-19 vaccines in the months to come.

Using the public DLT network Hedera Hashgraph, a digital asset tracking provider called Everyware will be the main gear of the project to provide the country’s NHS facilities with the necessary data to monitor the cold storage equipment being used to store the COVID-19 and other vaccines.

Initially, facilities in the South Warwickshire region will be adopting the technology, including Stratford upon Avon and Warwick hospitals. However, the project plans a further rollout as vaccine distribution ensures the efficient storing of the supplies in extremely cold conditions.

The DLT-based managing system will monitor the vaccines’ proper maintenance and bring transparency during the UK’s distributional process.

Everyware will provide the asset-tracking and monitoring software that could deliver several variables on a 24/7 basis from anywhere.

Using this solution, healthcare facilities and hospitals would manage the right conditions, ensuring that vaccines are kept under the appropriate temperature during storage and before being administered to patients.

Everyware will also enable facilities to share data with other parts of the vaccine delivery chain. In this case, pharmaceutical providers, centralized storage facilities, and transportation companies, thus, minimizing the risk of issues along the delivery and storage process.

“Monitoring the ongoing temperature of these refrigeration units is critically important, and ensuring the integrity of that data is an equally important part of maintaining trust in the results, and being able to easily share them across the entire vaccine supply chain.

Hedera’s distributed ledger technology provides that tamper-proof record-keeping system, making it perfect for recording and validating results efficiently and cost-effectively…”, commented Everyware Technical Director, Tom Screen.

COVID-19 Changing the World Economy 

COVID-19 is leaving its deep mark in the world’s economy and serves as the main gear of how things have changed in the past year. The worldwide health crisis and the following lockdowns affected almost all parts of everyday life and economic development. The novel virus has affected the cryptocurrency field as well.

A recent study by leading digital asset manager Grayscale affirmed that COVID-19 has made Bitcoin more attractive to investors in the US. The research pointed out that the pandemic has made BTC more compelling, and 55% of the surveyed participants showed increased interest in the primary cryptocurrency.



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