Crypto Exchange Bittrex reported that on Friday, January 15, it would delist Monero (XMR), ZCash, and Dash privacy coins.

The crypto exchange did not include a justification for the de-listings, but all three are privacy coins, a class of untraceable transactions provided by cryptocurrencies. Monero, by default, is private, and ZCash and Dash have a private transaction option. Privacy-centered coins are under investigation from regulators, who deem them, criminal activity facilitators.

For example, the Darknet market White House Market only allows Monero transactions because of its privacy characteristics; Bitcoin transactions are easier to track. Among its reasons for delisting tokens, the crypto exchange cited changing regulatory requirements and other enforcement issues.

After the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against XRP’s developers for collecting $1.3 billion in ongoing unregistered securities transactions, Bittrex was one of several exchanges to delist XRP earlier this week. Ripple has refuted the charges and is going to contest the case.

After Bittrex revealed today that it would delist Monero, Dash, and Zcash later this month, the famous privacy coins’ prices went into freefall.

The exchange’s abrupt announcement sent the prices of these coins into a downward spiral. According to CoinGecko, after the announcement by Bittrex, the price of XMR is down by 12.4 percent, ZEC is down 9.5 percent, and DASH is down 8.7 percent.

That is an average 10 percent decline. Several other crypto exchanges, such as ShapeShift, Bithumb of South Korea, and LiteBit, the Netherlands-based exchange, have already de-listed privacy coins to comply with money laundering governments.


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