Review Wolfbroker: a low-fee forex trading platform


Established in 2018, Wolfbroker is a publicly listed, and highly respected in the world. They provides a wide range of tradable assets, especially forex currency pairs. On modern markets, there are a range of important and specialized tools to support investors.


Wolfbroker provides its users with a wide range of features including:

  • Up-to-date market data:
    Delayed trade data or market data for 20 minutes is accessible free of charge, although live data is available for a monthly fee. A monthly charge is available for dynamic data, however if you produce over 30 transactions per month, it will be reduced. For a monthly charge, you can also access live market info.
  • Trade through multiple channels: Transactions can be performed digitally on your Android or iOS smart devices, over the internet or through a Wolfbroker application. When you need assistance, live chat, phone and email assistance are also open.
  • A wide range of research: Wolfbroker provides high quality analysis resources to allow you to make better decisions on investing. This involves native analysts’ business information, market depth, objective study and regular review.
  • Order types: To reduce the threats, besides being able to impose limits and orders for the market, you can set free unlimited conditional orders through your Account.
  • Methods of Payment: The deposit and withdrawal procedures outlined by consumer feedbacks are reasonably good. Any popular credit and debit card helps you to make transactions. For withdrawals, they consider 10 different types of money.
  • Linking: A special functionality worth noting is linking. This enables a variety of windows to be connected to the layout.  This means that every adjustment in one module occurs, the other related modules will update it.
  • Pattern Recognition: Another helpful feature is Pattern Analysis on the Wolfbroker.This offers a variety of ways for traders to transact and evaluate market behavior. An ability to formulate and execute complex techniques is the outcome of this.


  • Low brokerage fees: Wolfbroker offers a competitive service in this field. At the present, it offers the fee of brokerage from $0 for global shares
  • More trading opportunities: Users are able to build a flexible fund, growing the future investment prospects, with thousands of spread betting and CFD products to trade through forex
  • Quick transactions: Within just 1 second, Wolfbroker’s Stockbroking Account trades are executed.
  • Useful research tools: For both beginners and experienced investors, Wolfbroker’s analysis methods are helpful. They have instruments for thorough technical research and news updates from third sources to promote crucial analysis.
  • Licensed and regulated: The platform conforms to stringent regulatory criteria as an FCA-regulated broker. This defines the way they run their organization and requires a responsibility to equally serve clients.
  • Helpful customers service: Via live chat, and e-mails, they provides their useful customer support. This support for consumers is presented in 9 different languages. The quality of customer support, as per its users, is very nice, although it is accessible only 5 days per week.


The only thing that can make Wolfbroker more perfect is a 24/7 customer support because for now, it’s only available from Monday to Friday. With the increasing number of users, the team is trying hard and may probably think of a 24/7 support for users in the foreseeable future.


The company has been actively trying to enhance user security. So in compliance with legal responsibilities, client and business funds are separately stored. In fact, client deposits would remain intact even though the broker went bankrupt. So you can trust in the confidence that all confidential data and transaction records will be stored securely thanks to advanced technology.

Who should use it most?

Wolfbroker is for all types of traders, from the novice retail trader looking to dip their toes into the online trading arenas of forex, CFDs, and spread betting, to the experienced veteran seeking exposure to a broad array of products. The firm’s fees are competitive within the industry and it ranks high on several of our lists.

Given its pros & cons, Wolfbroker provides all segments of consumers with an excellent offering that covers the full scope of the financial sector. A great portal and market connectivity are provided through its trading application and the company presents several benefits that go beyond the regular broker. Eventually, it’s worth trying for both beginners and professionals.


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