While Bitcoin has had an impressive ride this year, climbing from the lows of $3,000 in March to top out at nearly $20,000, it has not been the best performing coin as the year comes to a close. Bitcoin’s YTD rise in price is sitting at a relatively impressive 154%.

The cryptocurrency space is still a new one, and smaller. Lesser established coins and projects are still prone to bouts of massive gains. This has been demonstrated by six cryptocurrencies that can boast increases in price of more than 2,000%.

The six coins are not considered established or mature projects, and there are some that have simply chased in on the DeFi craze that shook 2020. The coins are; ZAP, AAVE, BAND, UBT, CVT, and YFI. The first two on this list—ZAP and AAVE—dwarfed the rest with percentage increases of 6,000% and 4,000% each. 

Top performer

Looking at ZAP, a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum platform, it has managed to make the biggest gains YTD. The start of the year saw ZAP at a tiny $0.002, but now it is priced at $0.111. This means the asset has achieved a percentage increase of over 6,300% on the year so far. 

Coming in behind ZAP is Aave’s token, AAVE. This project cashed in on the DeFi craze and is a protocol which allows people to lend and borrow different crypto assets. The protocol’s token, which is sitting at just under $80, started the year at just over 1 cent — $0.018. This means the price of AAVE has increased by 4,288% this year.  

Bringing up the rear

These two tokens have clearly outstripped even the other outliers in the race to the most gains in 2020. But following them is Band, a token known for its Oracles and often seen as a competitor for Chainlink.

During the summer, BAND saw its price spike from $3,907 on July 27, to $14,107 on August 10. Its price then fell to the $6,000 bracket in October, and has levelled out since then. Currently priced at $6.54, BAND has registered a 2,727% price increase this year since starting out on $0.236.

Behind BAND is Unibright’s UBT token, described by the Unibright team as its utility token, UBT is currently priced at $0.530, with a market cap of just under $79 million. Since January 1, the price of UBT has increased by 2,665%. 

CyberVein’s CVT token is in fifth place. CyberVein is a big data service provider that provides smart city solutions around the world. CVT opened the year at $0.005, which means its current price of $0.012 represents a 2,295% increase since January 1. 

And finally, a token that was in the news a lot during the heady days of yield farming, Yearn Finance’s YFI token is the only token on this list that didn’t exist at the start of the year. 

Source: thedailychain.com


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