What is UKTrade & Why should we choose it?


UKTrade was founded in 2018. Thanks to the experience gained in the establishment and operation of UKTrade platform, an exchange develops the foreign exchange trading market in global. Therefore, when UKTrade was born, it quickly developed, and within a few short years, they received many awards and became a formidable opponent of many other forex exchanges.

Currently, UKTrade has more than 1,000,000 registered customers, and to support this rapid growth, they has expanded offices in Europe, America, Asia and many other offices in the world.

Here are some main benefit that I collect from their customer’s feedback, independent forex forums and news:

Leverage, commissions, and UKTrade trading spreads

UKTrade is an forex exchange that works with a wide variety of liquidity providers. That gives customers the best possible prices for both Bid and Ask prices. Not only that, but it also helps customer orders to be executed quickly to avoid requotes.

Their spreads are as low as 0.1 pips and above with impressive leverage, as high as 1: 1000 (also different leverage ratio that you can have on their platform)

Not only UKTrade but any forex trading platform has two types of accounts: 1 is a commission-free account, only collects fees via spread; 2 is an account with commission fees, and the spread will decrease. UKTrade Pro Accounts, has a $4/ lot commission fee for two ways, which is low and impressive compared to many other exchanges.

Besides, in UKTrade there is another form called floating commission as in MT4 account; this commission will depend on the trading volume and capital you have; the more you trade, the more you capital. The bigger the commission, the lower the commission.

The core trading platform

The main trading platforms that UKTrade provides is MT4 with full versions for PC as well as support for mobile apps using two operating systems, Android and iOS. However, in addition to this platforms, UKTrade also has exclusive research on many other applications that can be integrated into MT4 to help increase the chances of a trader winning in trading.

Pivot point application researched by themselves (Pro-account feature)

If you have been trading for a while, you will probably know the Pivot Point or Pivot Point indicator, one of the indicators that many traders love to find market trends.

This indicator is also available for free on TradingView or in MT4. However, a tool developed by UKTrade exclusively for traders trading at this exchange has several highlights such as: using data from three indicators MACD, Momentum and Moving Average with 8 time frames, real-time updates with a user-friendly interface. In particular, UKTrade Pivot Point will be maximized if combined with other popular indicators, providing traders with a clearer picture of the market, adding more trading opportunities for yourself.

Trading Signals (Pro-account feature)

Another application built into MT4 by UKTrade. This is a tool, as explained by itself, used to interpret the volatility of important financial instruments based on the most affected factor is the price.

These trading signals are based on carefully designed price movement scenarios. Includes 8 well-known currency pairs and many different types. In addition, they also have 4 take profit levels, updated daily before the opening hours trading sessions, as well as suggesting lot stops to protect your capital and minimize your risk.

Automated transactions

Many traders appreciate this automatic trading mechanism, which helps them make more profits, making sure not to miss any opportunities. Even if you can’t monitor the market 24/7 or sleep for example. Of course, automatic trading still makes you lose money, so you always have to consider and explore to create a strategy that works best for you.

Currency converter application

This is a tool that allows you to see the exchange rate at the moment of the transaction.

In addition, there is another calculation application called: Investment Returns. This calculator application allows you to enter your investment amount, expected return, profit share and total withdrawal amount. This will give you the amount you have to pay the fund manager based on profit sharing and net profit.

Deposit and withdraw money at UKTrade

They supports many different deposit and withdrawal channels such as Internet Banking, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill … with fast speed, convenient and completely free. This process at UKTrade is processed quite quickly, almost returned to the account within 10 minutes. For a slightly longer money visa card, according to UKTrade it will take few working days, but I have tried to withdraw money at this exchange and as a result, in less than 1 day the money has been returned to the account.


Although UKTrade has its drawback, we should consider many advantages they can bring to customers. Certainly, UKTrade is one of the best choices if you want to participate in any forex.


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