Review ICMTrading: Best for advanced forex trader

ICMTrading Forex Trading Platform

ICMTrading platform has been a well-known 4.0 forex trading platform since 2019. They provide their customers with an extremely broad range of exchangeable assets and currency pairs

Most of traders will choose forex trading platform based on the features so let’s review ICMTrading features:

Web trading platform: One of the best brokerage firms is the trading network. The app also offers functionality customized for professionals, such as an automated order panel, while it is simple to use. There are web, tablet and laptop versions. Users can exchange forex currency pairs via these platforms.

Research Features: News, business forecasting, an economic schedule with global activities, winners and losers for each transaction, and market indicators are part of the research section on the website. Information varies from native experts who report regular analysis to content delivered by various third-party outlets.

News feed: Also accessible on the trading platforms of ICMTrading platform is a news feed. You will read relevant news, frequent comments, long-term outlook articles and expert views on the website.

Watchlist functionality: To quickly monitor the output of assets you are involved in you can build customised watchlists in your trading account.

Customer Support: ICMTrading covers the entire world with branches across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa in more than 15 nations. Their services customers in more than 180 nations through their local sales and service organisation and worldwide web platform, and their exchanging platforms are accessible in over 20 different languages. During Forex market hours, customer service is provided via phone and live chat 24 hours a day and emails are also accessible.

Also, there are some competitive advantages comparing to other Forex Trading Platforms:

Extensive range of offerings: ICMTrading platform provides consumers access to a wide variety of services that cover a variety of asset groups, covering both leveraged and investment products.  Access to forex, shares, ETFs, commodities, indices, stocks, forwards, and futures is open to users.

Industry’s best research: The commitment of ICMTrading platform to provide top quality analysis to customers is to be praised. As mentioned, these research is so helpful for investors

Superior user interface: With the end consumer (trader) in mind, they developed its trading channels on the web, desktop and smartphone, delivering significant improvements across the sector. In addition, smooth integration of third-party instruments offers a variety of opportunities for an experienced trader.

Rewards for active traders: Traders also can earn smaller fees than regular traders when perform more than 100 transactions a month

Offers protection for client accounts: ICMTrading provides “negative balance protection” which has become a very significant function provided these days by most forex traders.

Cons: Sometimes a confusing array of rate schedules and hidden charges make it hard to estimate bottom-line expenses. Commission and spread reports are often inconsistent, with different rates being listed for instruments and venues that are equivalent or equal. The website, though, is making attempts to make its fee schedules as transparent as possible

Security: Security is taken seriously by ICMTrading platform and approved by many jurisdictions worldwide. It also provides action to guarantee that corporate assets are not mixed with consumer assets. This means that in the unfortunate event that it becomes bankrupt by keeping certain funds in separate accounts at managed banks, customer funds are secured.
The software safety of ICMTrading is matched with the best the industry has to deliver. Besides  two-factor and biometric verification, all web-based and smartphone apps would be signed out when they are not used for a period of time set by the user.

So who use it most

It is suitable for advanced investors. It provides a wide range of brokerage services targeted at advanced, active traders, investors, professionals, and organisations.

There is no doubt that ICMTrading provides a fantastic trading network and high-quality news and analysis, with customers in over 180 nations and more than one million payments processed every day. Despite the fact that the   cost of trading is considerably higher than that of rivals, users can have an exceptional all-round experience.   


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