2020 is turning out to be a critical turning point in society. The year has hastened the growth in decentralization, stretching across major cities and financial assets. It has also increased the need for digital alternatives – from work and school to the stock market. 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies brought about the ideal technology to build an all-digital financial and computing future. However, it is only just the start. Millennials who grew up in the digital era, alongside the internet, will demand and create the continued evolution of society.

Remote work will become the future, and office spaces will die off the same way brick and mortar retailers, newspapers, and snail-mail disappeared with the emergence of e-commerce, websites, email, and social media. The next significant change will be the tokenization of all major global assets through security tokens. This will allow the archaic financial world to adapt to the digital age in earnest. Central to that movement is the INX token â€“ a soon to launch security token offering built according to SEC, FINRA, and EU regulations.


When the world first caught wind of the incredible potential of Bitcoin, blockchain, and the rest of crypto, there was an immediate explosion of interest and imagination. Investors rushed in searching for the next big thing, and because there was little regulatory oversight in the nascent and scarcely understood sector. Bad actors, a whole lot of them, were launching projects left and right through initial coin offerings (ICOs).

ICOs were a fast way to raise capital but without regulatory control and standards. Not only were these projects scams, failures, or worse, but several were deemed unregistered securities by the SEC and were fined and shut down. A sad end for the hope that investors once had for wherever they invested.

Fast forward to now. The futuristic technology of digital tokens is currently being put to real use, and regulators are stepping in. Under their guidance, the future of finance is being created. Rather than putting money into fads like ICOs, there are now Security Token Offerings pioneered by INX Limited, where real long-term value and opportunity can be found.  


INX brought to security tokens a groundbreaking offering for the financial space, as they usher in the tokenization of all things of value. Savvy investors have been searching in unique places for inflation hedges and have turned to the likes of old paintings, rare whiskey, luxury watches, or classic cars that retain their value.

Rather than having to buy the entire item and store it somewhere, security tokens allow digital and fractional ownership of such items.

Security tokens can be secured by just about anything, including not only company shares but specific sectors of company performance. And because all assets will soon be tokenized and traded on 24/7 markets just like crypto does, soon stock market trading will also go 24/7, and people will wonder why they ever awaited an entire weekend before being able to liquidate shares on bad news.

The trend stems from millennials and their love for on-demand everything, combined with the sudden acceleration toward the all-digital age brought about by COVID. But the changes that were wrought will eventually create a more positive future for all.

To learn more about INX and the ongoing security token offering, visit token.inx.co

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