Steve Wozniak’s Crypto Company Just Launched Its Own Token


Tech maven and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s new Malta-based blockchain company Efforce is rolling out its WOZX native token to transform the energy efficiency market.

After spending much of 2020 developing its architecture, Efforce announces the listing of the WOZX token on crypto exchanges HBTC on December 3rd and Bithumb Global in the coming week.

According to a press release, the latest crypto asset reached a $950 million market capitalization within minutes of launch, which is its listing price ten times. WOZX is presently trading on HBTC at $1.34 per coin, up 1.240 percent from its initial $0.1 price.

Coming 44 years after co-founding the computer business that forever revolutionized technology, Wozniak’s new venture aims to be the first open and borderless network that enables everyone via cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to participate in and finance green technology developments.

The platform brings together those who want to increase their buildings’ energy efficiency or manufacturing processes with a pool of donors who want to be compensated in tokens that reflect the energy savings obtained through projects to improve efficiency.

According to the project’s website, businesses will benefit from energy efficiency programs at zero cost, and the resulting savings are reported in real-time on the blockchain. Without an intermediary, the smart contract then distributes the savings to businesses and token holders.

Wozniak, joined by Efforce project leader Jacopo Visetti at the pre-launch of the Delta Summit in Malta in July 2019, said that the blockchain technology used by Efforce would minimize energy usage without altering energy needs.


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