A combined $1.8 trillion was transferred by BTC and ETH in 2020 and entered the current ATH.

Bitcoin, together with Ethereum, has exchanged almost $2 trillion in value this year, according to the research performed by Messari and the facilitator of this study, Trustnodes.

These prices are the highest of all years, with the new All-Time-High having already surpassed transactions’ value. In 2020, the two most successful cryptocurrencies averaged 200 billion dollars per month.


The most significant shift, however, is the fact that Ethereum managed to surpass Bitcoin for the first time and increased the amount of transferred ETH by more than three times compared to last year (2019-$297 billion). In terms of regular transactions, Ethereum increased to $7 billion a day, while Bitcoin reported $3 billion in transactions.

This rapid increase in ETH transactions is mainly motivated by the DeFi industry’s growth, where use cases are rising daily. As 205 of the 218 DeFi projects are focused on Ethereum, this is one of the most vital factors.

Compared to the beginning of the year when TVL in DeFi was 676.2 M, the total value locked in DeFi is currently $12.52B, and the new ATH is also reaching, which is a major increase in interest in this market.


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