According to Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan, the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract is a few weeks away, at least.

Speaking on the Bankless podcast on Thursday, Ryan said the deposit contract would not go live until it receives a thumbs up on an audit conducted by the cryptography audit firm NCC Group of an essential crypto library, BLST.

Ryan said that this library is essential for signing messages and producing keys. Critical, in the early stages, means that they need to be safe if you use this library; if you use it to create your wallets, it needs to have good randomness; and if you sign your deposits associated with a signature, it needs to be right.

The deposit contract, a one-way Ethereum smart contract that holds staked ether (ETH) required to protect the latest Proof-of-Stake (PoS) the network is now planned by Ethereum 2.0 core researchers to be published early to mid-November, pending the audit results, Ryan said.

Ryan said researchers are already eyeing the Beacon chain’s genesis block in 2020.

The new date comes after several customer teams that signalled hopes for the deposit contract to be released in October.


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