The Bitpanda crypto exchange and the RBI banking group have joined forces in Austria to introduce Blockchain into the banking industry.

International A.G. of Raiffeisen Bank. To this end, it has entered into a collaboration with Pantos, an initiative set up by the crypto exchange team behind Bitpanda. This is a significant achievement for Pantos, after 2.5 years of research and growth, as they can apply their technology on RBI Coin.

RBI is a leading corporate and investment bank with its headquarters in Austria, operating in 13 Central and Eastern European markets. It currently has 46,000 staff, according to available statistics, who take care of 16.7 million clients across 2,000 business outlets.

As Europe’s leading investment site, according to Blog Bitpanda, not only do they plan to provide easy access to all kinds of digital assets, but they also want to give the industry something back. That’s why, together with the Technical University of Vienna, they conceived of Pantos is a major European Blockchain interoperability project to enable token projects to be independent of a particular blockchain.

RBI Coin is a next-generation digital cash solution to streamline cash and liquidity management for interbank and inter-company payments and introduces new banking products to corporate and institutional clients.

The company also noted that the fact that we already have several overlapping protocols and financial applications running on Blockchain is the biggest challenge. Still, the question is how these protocols can be united. For the fractured Blockchain and cryptocurrency room, this specific question is what Pantos wants to solve and give a unifying solution.


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