On Oct. 16, big swap OKEx suspended crypto withdrawals. With little data from the company or its CEO, Jay Hao, users have since begun requesting responses via Twitter.

The CEO reported in an Oct. 20 tweet from Hao that after the exchange revealed that it had temporarily suspended withdrawals on Friday, there had been no on-chain out-flow.

Hao said that users’ assets were still safe, and they would try the best to resume withdrawals ASAP.

On Oct. 16, the exchange announced that it had halted cryptocurrency withdrawals because one of its private key holders was cooperating in an ongoing investigation with a public security bureau. OKEx said at the time that it intended to immediately restart withdrawals once it was able to approve those transactions with the key holder.

Reports suggest that a week before the announcement, the police have brought in the operator of the exchange, Star Xu, for questioning. This has left users of OKEx voicing their rising dissatisfaction.

The lack of openness relative to that of other exchanges has complained to many users. Others indicated that they were permanently quitting the exchange, presumably until they recovered access to their funds.


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