The Speaker of the Democratic House told the White House on Sunday that it had until Tuesday to reach an agreement on a pandemic stimulus package or that it was unlikely to be approved before the election.

If no agreement is reached by Tuesday night, even if talks proceed and are ultimately successful, a package is unlikely to be created before the Nov. 3 election, the WSJ said.

A $2.2 trillion relief plan is being sought by House Democrats. While President Donald Trump has said he is willing to go beyond his $1.8 trillion proposals, he might not be endorsed by Senate Republicans in favor of a much more modest plan.

It could be far into February before one occurs, citing Rep. Tom Reed (R., N.Y.) if the election doesn’t approve a package.

Bitcoin ( BTC) prices were boosted this year as investors bet that trillions of dollars in government and central bank spending worldwide would eventually result in inflation in response to the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown, and thus be optimistic for the cryptocurrency.

As such, BTC can increase further if a stimulus deal is reached.


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