The Bank of Canada aims to employ an economist with a strong understanding of financial technology and digital currencies, possibly signaling the latest in a sequence of moves towards the Canadian Central Bank (CBDC).

According to the bank’s official website, it will be the economist’s responsibility to track and evaluate the latest trends in electronic funds and payments, carry out research projects, prepare analytical notes, and work on the future growth of the CBDC.

The Bank has identified a set of qualifications to be met by the applicant, including in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrency platforms and knowledge of conventional payment systems as card networks, merchant purchasers, and point-of – sale technologies.

The applicant must also be competent in handling and analyzing data from the public blockchain and customer surveys.

The time limit for receiving applications is Oct. 25th, 2020.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Timothy Lane, recently called on central banks worldwide to launch their digital currencies, emphasizing their importance to the economy. Lane also said at the Central Bank Payments Conference that Canada’s development of the CBDC was progressing at a good pace.

The Bank follows the Bank of England, the U.S., in laying the foundations for a CBDC. Among other items, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan have both begun researching the feasibility of CBDCs.


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