Amid increased scrutiny by law enforcement and competitive changes, a new Monero update brings improvements in efficiency, speed, and safety.

Monero developers, first announced in September, today went live with a network update featuring a new version of its node software, codenamed ”Oxygen Orion.” The update, a product of 30 contributors, promises significant improvements across almost all aspects of privacy-focused cryptocurrency performance.

A lightweight linkable random anonymous community (CLSAG) function is the highlight of the latest update. CLSAG would reduce transaction sizes by 25%, according to the Monero site, and increase transaction times by 10 percent while retaining transactional privacy.

In addition to CLSAG, the new update brings security improvements to the network, especially for Dandelion++, responsible for hiding IP addresses from users.

Monero updates are hard forks, practically speaking, so network members must ensure that their software is up-to-date. Users who store their XMR in a hardware wallet will have to keep updated, the blog noted, with the new firmware.

Due to stresses on several fronts, this recent update comes amid an unpredictable outlook for the cryptocurrency.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service ( IRS) is giving someone who can break Monero ‘s privacy a bounty of up to $625,000 in September. Besides, the Homeland Security Department reported that it had acquired tools capable of monitoring Monero transactions, although some researchers doubt those statements’ veracity.

Meanwhile, sometime this November, rival privacy cryptocurrency Zcash is going into a halving case, which some analysts believe will lead to bullish price action for the rival asset.


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