Closely-followed economist and trader Alex Krüger says that for Bitcoin ( BTC) and the broader crypto industry, the advent of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is bullish.

In a new tweet, Krüger highlights:

“There is a possibility of a surge in public demand for central bank digital currency (CBDC) going forward”

According to the economist, for the crypto industry, the production of CBDCs is bullish as it means there would be wallets full of cash and improved fiat onramps.

Krüger said, the growth of CBDCs is not the only potential bullish trigger insight. The crypto-influencer keeps a close eye on Square’s latest BTC transactions and MicroStrategy business intelligence company.

It is both optimistic and overrated, with a few businesses adding bitcoin to their balance sheets. A corporate treasury’s role is not to invest. There is low corporate demand for gold as an inflation hedge. The probability of a bitcoin domino effect among companies is therefore very low.

That said, something important would happen if this were to become a trend: significant banks would be required to have a crypto team on payroll to service the hedging requirements of corporate customers.

Krüger also points out that the chance to print gains in BTC is borne out because of its difficulty.


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