The eToro social asset and multi-asset broker has announced that it will have a staking-as-a-service feature to reward holders of TRON and Cardano

For Cardano and Tron users, the dedicated staking service will be available as the network aims to expand to other virtual currencies. Monthly staking incentives will be offered to eToro users who are also holders of Cardano and Tron.

As the payout trading system is automated and fully implemented, users would not need to take any action but exchange assets as they would usually do. The virtual currency market is notorious for its instability, so staking would give traders the chance to make returns regardless of whether prices are dropping or climbing.

EToro outlined that before a consumer qualifies to receive the benefits,
there will be an intro time prerequisite that needs to be met. Before being qualified to receive the rewards, a user must keep crypto for some time.

It should be remembered that every month, the staking incentives would be multiplied, which translates into a decreased staking yield compared to independent staking. The brokerage platform will offer generous incentives as a trade-off.

A broker representative spoke about the matter, saying that eToro stakeholder customers profit from doing so on a controlled and globally trusted platform.

Binance and Kraken, who already have staking facilities, eToro joins the likes. While it was reported that Coinbase was in the process of this year’s launch of staking for the Ada token, the exchange has yet to make an announcement on it.


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