Lark Davis, a crypto influencer and investor, claims that a new wave of crypto assets can make huge profits.

Davis says he is looking at five decentralized finance (DeFi) – Polkadot.

Acala (ACA)

For the Polkadot ecosystem, [Acala] is a cross-chain capable, multi-collateralized, and decentralized stable coin that will carry in the Acala dollar governed by the ACA token. The platform will allow users to send, receive, lend, and be rewarded in USD via any blockchain linked to the Polkadot network.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

The Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) allows developers to create applications that can publish, upload, or safely ingest public or private data. According to the crypto influencer, in partnership with Balancer (BAL), a business manufacturer based on Ethereum, Ocean is launching a data marketplace.

Mantra DAO (OM)

For the DeFi lover, Mantra DAO is a decentralized autonomous entity with some very appealing core characteristics. Cross-chain bridges, staking facilities, lending and investing, and stablecoins are installed.

Rio DeFi (RFUEL)

With the fiat gateways and the Rio wallet, Rio is going to allow users to get in and out of DeFi quickly. The decentralized finance niche is primarily concentrated in Rio. That’s the para chain’s whole aim, and they’re building it to run in the Polkadot ecosystem just some smooth, comfortable, low-fee DeFi.

Polkastarter (POLS)

Polkastarter is going to launch a decentralized, multi-chain, interoperable exchange. It’s going to be huge for the ecosystem of Polkadot.

While Davis is bullish on DeFi in the long run, Cantering Clark, the influential crypto analyst, says the short-term outlook is bleak. Clark tells his 28,000 followers that, for the time being, the nascent sector has run its course.


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