Employee ban by Coinbase policy stirs up the crypto world


The Coinbase clampdown has stirred significant debate in the crypto community on debating politics and advocacy at work and providing severance packages to workers who do not want to comply.

Coinbase’s ban on politics was criticized by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and a renowned Bitcoin supporter, claiming the move runs contrary to cryptocurrencies’ core values late Wednesday.

Coinbase’s new apolitical stance creates a divide in the industry

Several crypto industry veterans indicated that the role of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong reflects a broader shift taking place in a sector established by computer hackers and libertarian-leaning programmers. Dick Costolo, a former CEO of Twitter, also tweeted that the first people to line up against the wall and shoot in the revolution will be me-first capitalists who believe you can distinguish society from the industry.

Several in the crypto world disagree with the apolitical position of Coinbase

The CEO of Coinbase has asked his workers to be apolitical in the ever-increasing politically polarizing world. This week’s recent US presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, epitomized by the tumultuous debate, has left several businesses trying to remain above the fray.

Crypto is about financial innovation and linking the economic infrastructure of the world. The early crypto adopter community was idealist and anarchist. Without the assistance of central authorities, such as banks or governments, Bitcoin has made it possible to use the currency.


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