A new cryptocurrency token has soared around 6200% in less than a month, said cryptocurrency strategist and trader Josh Rager.

On his personal Twitter, he told his 87,000 Twitter followers that he saw Shroom.Financing (SHROOM) will increase in value from $ 0.01 to $050+ over the next 30 days if it connects the game, DeFi, and NFT, especially since liquidity is added in the coming week because the LP will be rewarded.

Shroom. Finance is a fork of the Sushiswap protocol, according to its website. The new crypto asset aims to establish DEXes (decentralized exchanges) held by the group, specializing in the $10 billion in-game asset industry:

“We foresee a future where in-game assets, fungible and non-fungible, trade freely in a decentralized fashion, and we are here to take that spot and facilitate the ownership to a community of gamers.”

As a potential bullish trigger for SHROOM, Rager points to introducing commonly talked about non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The trader also notes that the new DEX from Shroom.Finance will allow SHROOM holders to participate and generate revenue through yield farming.

SHROOM, according to CoinGecko, traded on September 7th at a low of $0.00362545. Since then, the latest crypto asset has increased in value and climbed as high as $0.227925 on September 28th, marking a rise of almost 6,200%.


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