Ocean Protocol, an artificial intelligence and data service, after the $150 million KuCoin hacks, suspended its project and broke the old contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ocean Protocol revealed on Sunday at 22:00 UTC that it had migrated from its old token address to a new one to thwart the attempts of the KuCoin hacker to offload 21 million OCEAN tokens worth some $8.6 million.

The hacker’s stash of OCEAN tokens has essentially been blacklisted by moving contract addresses. But if the protocol can be easily hard-forked in one weekend, it also poses concerns about the project’s true immutability.

According to Larry Cermak, the hacker unloaded some 330,000 OCEAN tokens worth $120,000 before the hard fork, head of research at The Block. The liquid supply of the Ocean Protocol is 587,622,921 OCEAN tokens, with a cumulative collection of 1.4 billion OCEAN.


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