In hopes of wooing industry from congestion-plagued Ethereum-based competitors, hybrid blockchain network Kadena aims to launch a new multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX).

The new DEX, Kadenaswap, is announced on Tuesday and is set to launch later this year. It works to prevent Ethereum’s rising gas fees and longstanding network congestion (partly due to Uniswap’s explosive success) by providing decentralized financial traders (DeFi) with an alternative platform.

  • There would be no issue with DEX handling 480,000 transactions per second, sitting atop the public blockchain of Kadena.
  • He also claimed that Kadena’s existing bridge infrastructure, which currently facilitates cross-chain KDA token transfers through the smart contract language of the Pact, can easily be transferred to the coming DEX.
  • Popejoy said they already have production code with completely decentralized bridges, so everyone can think of DEX in a multi-protocol, multi-venue way.
  • In an attempt to ensure sufficient cross-chain liquidity, Kadenaswap would enable DEX market manufacturers to distribute their token pools “across the board,” Popejoy said.
  • According to Popejoy, Kadena will not be fazed by the often-delayed protocol update of the Ethereum network, Ethereum 2.0.0. He believed that critical stakeholders had long ago lost confidence in the attempted rebuild of the self-styled world machine.


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