Hot: Only 2.5 million Bitcoins remain mined !!!

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Less than 2.5 million bitcoins remain untapped out of the total 21 million bitcoins in existence.

ChartBTC recently analyzed that only the top 2.5 million cryptocurrencies left were created based on 18.5 million bitcoins circulating outside of the crypto currency market. This is around 11.9% of the overall circulation of bitcoin.

Since Genesis block in 2009, there have been three halving events that have happened in the bitcoin network and a third event back in May was not really good at all. ChartBTC points out that the remaining half of the bitcoins will soon be mined within the next four years causing concern among investors. But don’t worry because according to research, bitcoin will eventually be mined in over 120 years (2140), far from our current generation.

The cryptocurrency industry continues to expand strongly and thrive at all times even when the remaining amount of bitcoin is “scarce”. Because the top crypto institutions are all operating steadily and rapidly growing in various ways this 2020, most of them rely on how to increase their allocation to Bitcoin regardless of price. there is a short-term drop.


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