If the community doesn’t donate $ 100,000 to the OpenBazaar, a decentralized market, they run the risk of closing early.

They have been one of the longest-running decentralized markets that have had problems with a lack of user growth, but said they would try to remain involved if they got the community’s support.

A representative from the organization said:

“We don’t have a solid target at the moment but a soft one for us is 100k to keep it up for the next year.”

The platform was introduced in 2014 and became one of the decentralized markets with the longest running time. Such types of needs are trustless networks that enable individuals to purchase and sell products online. To better operate their systems, they don’t have a single agency running them. More than $44 million in crypto has been sent via the platform since the launch to buy everything from laptops, games, and even food.

The company claimed that it does not cater to drug trafficking by various prescription drugs such as oxycontin and tramadol, which are illegal to buy online but available on other markets in some countries. OpenBazaar also added that its Haven messaging and wallet software would stop functioning as well. In the next few days, instructions will be published on how the users will release the funds. For anyone who may like to run the infrastructure privately, the search engine and BlackBook indexer code will be made open source.

 “There is only one possibility for OpenBazaar and Haven to continue, and cancel the shutdown: community support.”


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