Tamil Nadu has been India’s first state to implement secure and ethical artificial intelligence ( AI), blockchain and cybersecurity policies.

In the first session of the 19th Connect 2020 edition, Minister Edapaddi K Palaniswami announced these ethical blockchain policies.

The Chief Minister also announced that Tamil Nadu plans to unveil a project that will provide Information Proof Identity-based services. These services would, according to Palaniswami, revolutionize how the government provides its people with services.

This project will be performed by setting up and leveraging the State Family Database (SFDB) and Block-Chain Backbone.

The introduction of the state’s Blockchain Backbone infrastructure would establish a platform to promote collaborations between start-ups, business, and academia, which is expected to create a sustainable ecosystem in turn. Hans Raj Verma said that in exploiting AI and blockchain technologies, such policies are fundamental.

The enactment of these policies is seen as a transition period for emerging technologies in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

“With the emerging technologies, the government will build an eco-system to derive its maximum usage,” said The Chief Executive Officer of the Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA), Santosh Mishra

This will be the springboard for other states of India to also find ways to put blockchain to use.


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