In the current crypto world, apart from investors, agents, and buyers, there are still many malicious individuals who are just trying to make money for themselves with dirty tricks. Numerous hackers and scammers out there will utilize “ransomware” in arrange to blackmail cash from people who have got ventures in cryptocurrency. Then, to hide their traces using Bitcoin.

And in order for those malicious missions to success, they often form small groups to coordinate with each other. Typically the Korean “Lazarus group”, but today we will look at the “the dark overlord” criminal group that has been persecuting people for years.

What’s interesting here today is that one of them is about to be charged in court for his crime.

Nathan Wyatt has been a part of the hacking group for some years now but he was captured within the United Kingdom in 2017 and afterward extradited to the United States final year. Stealing to computer fraud, a total of 6 crimes have been confessed by him in court.

According to reports, Nathan played a key role in the illegal missions of the group “Dark Overlord”. As operations take place, it is his duty to contact the victims and submit a ransom request in the form of a bit coin transaction and when it happens, to get what he wants he is not afraid to threaten. they use vulgar language to put pressure on the victim.

For his crimes, Nathan has been slapped with a five year prison sentence along with a fine of $1.5 million.


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