BuyUCoin exchange in India announces support for Bitcoin SV


Indian digital commodity exchange BuyUCoin has announced that it has officially launched support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) with immediate effect with two new trading pairs available for its customers.

Exchange users can now use trading pairs of BSV / INR and BSV/USDT to make it easier for users in India to buy and sell BSV.

At a time of strong growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem worldwide, the decision to endorse BSV comes with the fast-growing number of applications driving strong demand for BSV.

BuyUCoin, founded back in 2016, is a trailblazer in Indian digital commodities, the nation’s first asset market, wallet service, and OTC exchange of its kind.

The announcement was an essential next step in BSV ‘s development across India, said Jimmy Nguyen, founding President of the Bitcoin Association, which advocates for BSV worldwide.

“With the Bitcoin SV ecosystem expanding every day with new applications and services, we want to make the process of onboarding new users simple and accessible, so that everyone can experience the innovation made possible with a blockchain allowed to scale unbounded. That process just got easier with the introduction of a new fiat onramp to buy and sell BSV at BuyUCoin—an important next step in the growth of Bitcoin SV across India.”

To make the partnership a natural fit, Atulya Bhatt, Co-founder and CMO of BuyUCoin said the exchange shares many of the same views on adoption and regulation as BSV:

“At BuyUCoin, we are constantly working towards bringing blockchain and digital asset use mainstream. We do so with a focus on improving both adoption and regulation, so are looking forward to working with an innovative blockchain project that shares this vision.”

The transition comes when exchanges and other sites are gradually embracing Bitcoin, powered by sustained growth in consumer demand for access to BSV.


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