US Space Force Using Blockchain Technology to Protect Sensitive Data


Xage Security – a blockchain-based securities solution company, with the US Space Force’s contract to safeguard and protect private data networks, has been awarded by the Air Force Research Laboratory.

The company says it will use its Complex Data Protection blockchain-based framework to bind disparate and distant U.S. Systems of the Space Force (USSF), thus shielding certain parties from deliberate attacks.

Xage Security claims that its technology is specifically suitable to meet the needs of the USSF.

Xage ‘s security suite is built to ensure that no single hack can span through an entire system, according to a press release. Xage also argues that even if contact is lost between space and terrestrial properties, its security services will stay operational.

The company’s software is designed to safeguard complex infrastructure networks.

Duncan Greatwood, Xage Security CEO and former Apple executive said:

“The USSF requires decentralized enforcement of security to establish space domain resilience and objective situational awareness – across every asset and data element.

We built the Xage solution to serve the needs of complex critical infrastructure systems, and are excited to bring the Xage solution to the Space Force in the form of a blockchain-protected space system security.”

Since last year, Xage Security has been working for the US Air Force to assist with data protection needs.


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