China’s Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN) Integrates Tezos


Recently, The Tezos protocol has been incorporated into its international gateway by China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN).

  • In China’s ambitious Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN), the famous blockchain company Tezos has become the last integrated network.
  • Developers may use the Tezos protocol for a “simplified development and deployment experience” through BSN’s global public city nodes and portals.
  • With the Tezos Blockchain, both mainnet and testnet, all three major public city nodes, namely Hong Kong, California, and Paris, have been incorporated.
  • Developers wishing to use the Tezos blockchain need to set up an account on the BSN website and go to the section on “permissionless services.”
  • Developers need to “build a new project” and “choose the chain” (mainnet or testnet) upon selecting the preferred public city node.
  • The next move is to insert the Project ID, Project Key, and Access Address from the Project List after viewing the new project’s development based on the Tezos blockchain.

“All APIs provided by Tezos can be accessed in similar ways, and the original data format will be returned.”

  • China’s BSN was published earlier this year because of the delay caused by the Corona pandemic. Without participants needing to create a new network from scratch, developers can build apps, smart cities, and even digital economies on top of it.
  • BSN merged other prominent blockchain businesses prior to Tezos, beginning with the oracle of Chainlink.
  • The Chinese-based network NEO was also incorporated by BSN to accelerate the country’s adoption of blockchain technology.


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