US Space Force recruits blockchain firm Xage Security to develop its data protection strategy

Source image: Rachel McIntosh


To develop its data protection strategy, the US Air Force Research Lab has combined with the US Space Force and rented the Silicon Valley-based blockchain company, called Xage Security. The question: “how do you make lots of different satellites work together successfully and securely at the same time?” is the beginning of this cooperation.

Xage will use blockchain programs designed to communicate with each other. 

Security Fabric is a set of proprietary blockchain-based software programs that have been designed to communicate with each other. It uses blockchain to verify access to individual nodes in the network and ensure that it is reliable. This program will be used by Xage to solve problems related to connecting military and civilian satellites safely to ground stations. Previously, Xage worked to develop blockchain-based security solutions for oil and gas companies.

NASA is also exploring the use of blockchain technology.

In addition, Nasa – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is also working to use blockchain technology which can connect to satellites, store shared data related to the constellations, and enable autonomous communication. As announced earlier, there will be a combination between the Space Communication Reconstruction and Mapping with Blockchain Ledgering and the Orbit Logic’s existing autonomous planning system, “allowing the constellation as a whole to achieve greater overall system utility through agent-supported asset teaming strategies.”

In the current pandemic, blockchain adoption has increased dramatically worldwide this year. Regulators have recognized the potential of blockchain software across countries.


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