CoinMarketCap launches platform to incentivize learning about cryptocurrencies


CoinMarketCap has launched CoinMarketCap Earn, a platform that allows users to earn electronic rewards for viewing educational content and completing quizzes.

Band Protocol will be the first crypto asset to be launched with a total of $160,000 worth of BAND tokens eligible for distribution.

CoinMarketCap now launches a new educational platform

CoinMarketCap’s goal is toward educating crypto beginners. In CoinMarketCap Earn users can watch educational video ads about various crypto projects and complete quizzes to test their knowledge.

Every eight days on CoinMarketCap Earn, a new campaign is released and focused on a new crypto project.

A certain amount of the highlighted project tokens will be equally allocated to each eligible user who completes the quiz during the campaign’s duration.

Users who want to participate must have a CoinMarketCap account in the educational Earn promotions. The company acknowledged that not all jurisdictions are currently funded, meaning that the campaigns might not be available to specific consumers.

$160,000 worth of BAND awaits eager learners

Band Protocol will be the focus of the first CoinMarketCap Earn educational campaign. Users will gain knowledge about oracles, critical infrastructures of the blockchain industry.

A strong emphasis will be placed on BAND, the native token of the protocol, and its position in solving the issues seen in decentralized finance.

A total of $160,000 worth of BAND tokens will be distributed to users who complete the CoinMarketCap Earn quiz over the next eight days.


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