CIA is showing a deep interest in crypto and blockchain

  • The US Central Intelligence Agency recently launched a new research and development center.
  • The new R&D hub, named CIA Labs, will focus on emerging technologies, including crypto and blockchain.
  • CIA Labs will also provide certain incentives that will hopefully attract top innovators to the agency.

The crypto industry has seen a growing popularity in the United States, and interest seemingly skyrocketed after the Comptroller of the Currency allowed banks to offer crypto custody. Now, even the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) seems to have developed a deep interest in these emerging technologies.

CIA launches CIA Labs

The CIA recently launched a new research and development arm called CIA Labs, which will aim to conduct research and tests to take on modern problems. As such, CIA Labs is also in a perfect position to research other technologies dedicated to solving these problems, with crypto and blockchain seemingly being the first on the list.

The new R&D hub is also confirmed to be the newest member of the Federal Laboratory Consortium of Technology Transfer. This is a nation-wide organization that consists of more than 300 laboratories, agencies, research centers, and alike.

This membership will allow CIA Labs to collaborate with experts across various industries, share knowledge and information, take on new problems, and more.

Doing research and attracting innovators

Blockchain technologies will be among the first to be researched, as mentioned, but it is far from being the only interest of CIA Labs. Instead, the research hub also plans to take on the AI, quantum computing, augmented reality, machine learning, bioscience, and more.

In addition, CIA Labs will allow the Central Intelligence Agency’s officers to file patents on their work for the first time, and even receive a certain percentage of the profits.

These incentives have an additional purpose, as revealed by the CIA’s Dawn Meyerriecks. That purpose is to attract top innovators in the science and technology sphere, and convince them to join the agency. Meyerriecks noted that some rather phenomenal innovations came from the agency over the years. With CIA Labs finally launched, this may continue, and the agency will be in a better position to further invest in scientists, technology, optimize development, and more.



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