US Wealth Manager Confirms on CNBC that PayPal Will Enable Merchant Cryptocurrency Payments


Sandi Bragar, the managing director at Aspiriant investment management firm, indicated in an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box program that PayPal is focusing on rolling out cryptocurrencies on its website. Bragar announced that the Fintech giant company is working to enable merchants (sellers and shops) to embrace cryptocurrencies at this time.

PayPal On Mainstreaming Crypto Adoption

To promote the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into online companies, PayPal has stepped in. This makes the company’s shares more valuable stock for investors, Bragar said. She explicitly stated that one explanation of why Aspiriant views it as a favorite stock for investors is PayPal’s openness to cryptocurrencies. The other explanation for this is the trade consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brager said:

“It’s at the forefront of all the e-commerce and digital payments, and we think that there’s been a huge amount of demand as people have been staying at home, conducting commerce from their couch, from their beds, wherever they’re hanging out. And we think that’s going to continue as we move beyond this pandemic ultimately as people get out and about more and begin to resume more of a normal life.”

Charging Bitcoin customers can be helpful in many ways for companies. Second, it can be costly to accept payments through credit cards, with payment processors and banks usually taking a 3-5% cut. Cryptocurrencies will reduce to less than 1% such fees. Besides, accepting crypto-currency payments can also dramatically speed up foreign transfers and eliminate fees perfect for merchants.

PayPal Confirmed to Launch Crypto Buying and Selling Service

Many conventional businesses have looked at the possibilities of crypto-assets and have, therefore, ventured into the industry.
Although the social networking giant Facebook has set a great example with its Libra project, many other mainstream businesses have also become involved in using cryptocurrencies. PayPal was the latest company to declare its plan to provide cryptocurrencies for sale and purchase. The payment giant stated in their letter to the European Commission in March 2020 that it is working actively to add crypto capabilities to its platform.

A report emerged in July this year that PayPal was preparing to announce a partnership with the New York-based trust firm Paxos to control the supply of crypto assets once crypto services are introduced. Paxos is not only the leading issuer of managed stable coins but also the financial firm legally licensed to hold Ethereum and Bitcoin for institutional investors.

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