Survey: Almost half of crypto traders are long-term investors


Which asset is the most popular long-term investment? The answer may not surprise you.

Recently, there is a survey of Huobi traders about when they begin to invest in crypto. 45% of respondents have time horizons longer than one year, and 12.5% say that they are willing to wait over four years to return on their investment. It created an intense controversy that most crypto investors are just there to make a quick buck.
The most extended asset they have held is Bitcoin (BTC), with 69% of respondents who belong to the 26–50 age range with less than three years of investment experience.
Besides, more than half of the surveyed individuals have an annual income of $10,000 or below. This may seem relatively low, but we should note that this survey took place in the “emerging markets”. To Huobi, this is a place where this level of income may not be considered low.
In short, we can draw that there is a shift taking place in the way both retail and professional investors about their observation: from a get-rich-quick scheme to a more long-term game.


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