Blockchain Capital joins Facebook’s Libra Association


The Libra Association, a nonprofit organization, has invited Blockchain Capital as its newest member. The investment firm will join the association, which is on a quest to create a better global payment system, according to an official statement released by the association on September 18.

Blockchain Funding is consistent with the association’s goal of fostering financial sector innovation. Bart Stephens, Blockchain Capital managing director, said:

“We’re honored to join the Libra Association and believe deeply in the mission of creating a more equitable payment system. Leveraging blockchain technology to improve financial access and promote innovation has been at the core of Blockchain Capital’s portfolio strategy.”

Leadership appointments to Libra Association

Besides, the association recently confirmed management hires of diverse practitioners to guide the priorities of the company. As the managing director of Libra Networks, James Emmett, a financial services executive, has been hired. In August, Steve Bunnell was named the chief legal officer of the association, while in June, Sterling Danes were made the chief enforcement officer.

About Libra Association

The organization was founded to push the Libra Project, whose Chief Executive Officer is Stuart Levy, to provide people with a scalable and precise global financial infrastructure. It consists of an independent system of governance that involves a board of directors. Members engage in critical decision-making on the Libra Network and operate the nodes of the validator as well.

About Blockchain Capital

With over 90 businesses in its impressive portfolio, Blockchain Capital is a leading investment company. With a team of nine committed professionals, it has over $300 million of assets under its management. As the company joined the Libra Organization, Bart Stephens, its managing partner, and co-founder announced that he had been released from UBS’s client community.


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